The sound of memories – ‘The Years’ by The Candlepark Stars

Sometimes the short journeys can be just as rewarding as the long ones.  ‘The Years’ from The Candlepark Stars is the only track we have so far in 2013, but we are very glad Kerry Muzzey chose to release it because it is a fully realized and moving piece.  It dramatically evokes precisely what Kerry described as what he hoped to convey with the music he created under The Candlepark Stars name – “I wanted to capture that feeling of nostalgia and I wanted the music to feel like you were looking back on something; looking back on memories like they were faded old photos, and feeling happy about what you saw but still infused with that sense of melancholy that you just couldn’t quite put your finger on…Each song is like one of those slow-mo 8mm film montages that you see in movies now and then: a grainy, faded, diffuse-glow-y memory.”   Mission accomplished.

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