From the isle of Jura – a magical sense of place and a preview of the forthcoming I’Anson album

The Isle of Jura in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland has been described as the wildest and emptiest of it’s inhabited islands. It is where George Orwell finished the classic novel 1984 while living in his farmhouse known as Barnhill. And now it is the location of a fascinating musical project from Hugh Carswell called i’Anson. This preview video beautifully conveys everything the project is about. Going beyond just the music, it conveys a palpable sense of place and the very personal connection to Hugh, who grew up there and has restored his ancient family cottage where the album, due this Autumn, was made.   If this captures your interest, be sure to visit Hugh’s excellent blog which tells the complete story at

‘Never Mind The Past’ – sublime ambient from Movements In Season by Elskavon

I was only too happy to recently discover Elskavon, the ambient music project of Chris Bartels.  On the album Movements In Season, he seamless blends acoustic and electronic blend together to create soundscapes that are warm and organic, yet spacious and dreamlike.  The self-described  goal of the album is to “drench the listener in wonderment, peace, and occasionally, when everything falls into place just right, a gentle sense of awe.”  Everything I have heard thus far indicates that hope has been realized.  This is very well crafted, pure ambient music.  Have a listen to the opening track, ‘Never Mind The Past’, and decide for yourself.