New feature playlist

A new playlist is now featured on the Now Playing page. This one is a mix of favorite tracks from the albums on the long list for the 2013 SAY (Scottish Album of the Year) Awards.  10 artists, 25 tracks, 2 hours of fabulous music covering an impressive breadth of genres, styles, & emotions.   You might enjoy our selections or check it all out for yourself at

“Taketori” – A musical fable from Iain Morrison and Daibhidh Martin

Before “leaving” Scotland for some upcoming features & reviews, here is one more short journey to take with musician Iain Morrison and poet Daibhidh Martin. The lyrical tale is that of a man on the Isle of Lewis named Tormod who follows a sparrow along the coastline to a cave where he finds a Japanese man named Taketori, who has been searching for a place where his bag of golden seeds will take root and grow a tree that will bring riches to the people of the land. It turns out to be a hope as elusive as the sparrow Tormod finds flying in the distance when he returns to see if the tree has grown. Iain’s music and Daibhidh’s verse are brought to life here in a lovely animated video.