Remastered Collections II from ambient guitarist Karl Verkade

Ambient guitarist Karl Verkade has just uploaded remasters of several of his albums on Bandcamp, including the outstanding “Collections II”.   Although this album contains only 4 tracks, one of them, ‘Under Two Skies’ weighs in at nearly 40 minutes.   That might sound exceptionally long even in a genre where 12 to 15 minute tracks are commonplace.  It is however, my favorite of all of Karl’s pieces that I have heard so far.  Perhaps that is because it is more of a reverie or a meditation than a song.   Tones and melodies seem to swirl, evaporate, and recombine endlessly, keeping my interest, but also letting me drift in and out of a state of complete attentiveness and so the time spent playing the track seems to melt away in a very pleasant and relaxing way.   It really is quite a special piece of music and an achievement to create something that impressionistic that remains so inviting and interesting without ever seeming indulgent or falling apart.  The remaining three tracks on the album are also quite enjoyable, making this a should-not-miss download, especially as it has been generously offered at ‘name your price’ for a limited time.   Highly recommended.

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