New Music Roundup: Previews of Upcoming Releases

After a little hiatus from updating the blog, I thought I would put together one post with a collection of previews from a number of upcoming albums as a way of catching up a bit.  Some really great music is in the works and we will be spoiled for choice in the coming weeks. I am excited about every single one of these and hopefully you will find something new here that will excite you too.

Float 2013 by Peter Broderick (Erased Tapes)

In conjunction with Cassette Store Day, Erased Tapes is releasing a Float 2013, a new version of Peter Broderick’s 2008 debut album remastered by Nils Frahm. On cassette only for now, it will be reissued in multiple formats later this year. The preview track is ‘A Snowflake’.

Album info:

ETT by Row Boat

ETT is the new ambient/post rock album from Mark Wardale under the moniker of Row Boat. It will be a wonderfully eclectic and emotional collection of songs as you can tell from the excellent teaser video. The album releases on Sept 10.

Album info:

Everything Will Be Fine by Qualia

Qualia, an instrumental ambient/post-rock music project of Dan Leader, will be releasing a 12 track LP on Sept 12 which will be mastered by and collaborated on by fellow artist Méon (who also has a new release coming Sept 25). Dan has released a couple of the tracks for preview that sound great:

Day Has Ended – split CD from Christoph Berg and Aaron Martin (Dronarivm)

Dronarivm will be releasing a split CD by Christoph Berg (who also records as Field Rotation) and Aaron Martin on Sept 23. They have released one track from each artist as a preview and both are just lovely (both included in the Soundcloud link below). Based on these previews, the pedigree of these two artists, and the fine cover art, this looks to be a special package.

Album info:

Sirens by Oceanus (Hawk Moon Records)

Hampshire, UK based duo Oceanus mixes ambient and shoegazing music with numerous metal and rock influences and will have their new album “Sirens” released by Hawk Moon Records. Oceanus is made up of Alex Fawcett (Arboretus) and Rob Honey (Damn Robot! & Inachus). Rob also did the mastering and a remix for the outstanding collabortive album Sol by Oathless & Good Weather for an Airstrike. Look for Sirens on Sept 30.

Album info:

Oxycanta III on Ultimae Records 

The oustanding Ultimae label will be releasing their new multi-artist compilation Oxycanta III on Sept 30.   This gorgeous video previews the track ‘Complex A’ from Circular (mastered by AES Dana).

Album info:


Russian post rock outfit Mooncake will be releasing a full length LP on October 18 which include fresh mixes of ‘Zaris’ and ‘Cast the Route’ as well as new tracks. It sounds like it will be real treat from this teaser:

Album info:

Eternal Movement by Tides From Nebula

Another strong post rock entry comes from Warsaw-based Tides From Nebula whose new LP “Eternal Movement” will have a European release in early October and a North American release on November 5. The preview track ‘Only With Presence’ promises a satisfying blend of rocking intensity and atmospheric elements.

Album info:

Let Your Hands Be My Guide by Chantal Acda
Chantal Acda, who has recorded as Sleepingdog and is part of Belgian folk band Isbells, will be releasing a solo
album under her own name in November on Gizeh Records. This effort will be mastered by Nils Frahm, who is also collaborating along with a stellar group of artists including Peter Broderick, Shahzad Ismaily, and Gyda Valtysdottir (from Icelandic group Múm and the Sleepingdog live band). The preview track, ‘Jason’, is lovely.

Album info:

Siavash Amini – Ambient LP based on poetry of T.S. Eliot

Finally, this is a wonderful piece of ambient music called ‘Silent Seas’ from Iranian sound artist Siavash Amini who was recently featured as the Soundcloud Artist of the Day. This is one of the pieces that will appear on an album he has in the works that is based on the poetry of T.S Eliot, which accounts for the emotion and melancholy that imbues the music. Release date is yet to be announced.