Album preview: Oxycanta III – Ultimae Records

“Oxycanta III” will be third installment in a series of compilations featuring artists on Ultimae Records.  The trailer for the album created by Magnus Birgersson is a work of art in itself and wraps together portions of all 12 tracks along with beautiful graphics.  The collection was curated by by French Dj and arranger Mahiane and mastered by Vincent Villuis (a.k.a. AES Dana).   The album is now available for pre-orders on the Ultimae Bandcamp site.

“Throughout Oxycanta III the sound spectrum reaches wide arrays of deep bass all the way to the high-pitched resonances to display many of the DJ’s musical influences while, with a keen sense of float, she blends IDM, downtempo and neo-classical with a hint of atmospheric electronica, and a dash of dub.”

Album info: