EP Review: “Where” by Sophie Jamieson (Folkroom Records)

Sometimes I measure music by how it grabs me while I am listening to it and sometime by how much it haunts me after I have stopped.  When I hear something that captivates me immediately and then refuses to stop haunting me until I listen again, well then I know I have found something special.  So it was when I heard the music of UK singer/songwriter Sophie Jamieson and her 5-track EP called “Where”.

The five songs on the album could be delivered with stunning grace, beauty, and power by Sophie alone with an acoustic guitar, and so they have been in some of her live and video performances if you have been fortunate enough to see them.  But her tunes and her voice create nothing less than pure alchemy when combined with skillful guitar work,  ambient aesthetics, and the eloquent arrangements that grace the production.  For this credit must be extended to her collaborators, guitarist Liam Hoflay, cellist Derek Yau, and multi-instrumentalist and producer Ben Walker.

From the resonating guitars and swells of vocal power in the opener ‘Waterloo’ to the heart-tugging ballad ‘Dinah’ to the almost dirge like closer ‘Ode to the East’, “Where” will draw you in with a bewitching siren call and it will resonate in your mind long after it is over.

Already Sophie has been involved in collaborating with and promoting other artists and by all accounts she is working and gigging as hard as anyone out there.  With music this beautiful and that kind of creative drive and work ethic, I am sure this only the beginning of much more to come from this promising artist.

“Where” is available in both digital format and a limited edition CD from Folkroom Records.

Album info:  http://folkroomrecords.bandcamp.com/album/where-ep

This song, Glass, is not on Where, but is just as lovely as anything in that collection and is accompanied by a video Sophie shot on foot after coming out of the tube at Leicester Square:

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