Mix and Remix vol 1: Ef/Lights & Motion – Adam Fielding – Lau/Fraction Man

The remix. Is it a growing trend or just something that is more visible now in the world of social music sites and broadband internet?  Perhaps it is a little of both, but one thing that is for sure is that music lovers are the beneficiaries of the creativity that goes into reworking tunes and giving them new, extended, or even very different lives.  Starting with this post, I’ll start regularly featuring some of my favorite remixes side by side with the original pieces.

Bells Bleed & Bloom (Ef / Lights & Motion)

‘Bells Bleed & Bloom’ is one of the tracks off the 2013 release “Ceremonies” by Swedish post rock band EF.  It is a lovely tune that builds from a steady, atmospheric march and has a nice organic feel to it.   Fellow Swedish artist Lights & Motion (Christoffer Franzén) takes the song and adds his trademark orchestral flourishes and stirring crescendos which create a version that is melodically faithful to the original but gives it a widescreen cinematic feel.

Original version by EF:

Lights & Motion remix:


Falling Through The Sun (Adam Fielding)

This trio of tracks all come from the original artist, Adam Fielding.  He released a song called ‘Falling Through The Sun’ on his 2010 album “Lightfields”, a collection of ambient, shoegaze style rock with rich, atmospheric arrangements.  Since then he released two remixes of the song.  The first comes from his 2012 release “And All Is As It Should Be”, which gives a peaceful ambient treatment full of subtlety and understated emotion.  The second comes from his 2013 release “Lightfields (Instrumental Version)”, which returns to the electronic rock feel of the original, but strips out the lyrics and brings the guitars, keyboards, and drums to the fore.  All three versions are excellent.

Original version:

Instrumental rock version:

Ambient version from And All Is As It Should Be


The Bird That Winds The Spring (LAU / Fraction Man)

In 2012, one of the most innovative bands on the trad music scene, LAU, released the award winning album “Race The Loser”.  It is an exhilarating record, blending traditional folk instruments and lovely melodies with non-traditional elements to create a unique and intoxicating mixture.  In 2013 they push the envelope even further with an EP of remixes.  The song featured here is ‘The Bird That Winds The Spring’.  The remix is from Fraction Man (Gordon Skene of Frightened Rabbit), a dynamic interpretation which keeps the handclaps and Kris Drever’s vocals as the foundation, but wraps it in a clever reverb-soaked mix and adds layers of electric guitar.   Innovation on top of innovation, it makes for a fun and hypnotic listen.

Original version from Race the Loser:

Fraction Man version from LAU Remixed:

Hope you enjoyed this round of mix and remix.  There will be plenty more to come.

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