Mix & Remix vol 2: Floex / Hidden Orchestra

For this edition of Mix & Remix, we’ll take a look at tracks from two artists who each remixed the other’s work, Floex (Tomáš Dvořák) and Hidden Orchestra. In both cases, the reworked versions are so inventive and vibrant, I can’t imagine them not having been made any more than the originals on which they are based.

Saturnin Fire and the Restless Ocean (Floex / Hidden Orchestra)

Saturnin Fire and the Restless Ocean is track that appears on a 5-track EP from Floex (Tomáš Dvorák) released by Denovali Records in August. It is a compact gem of a song featuring the bright tones of the metalaphone and many deft ambient touches to create more atmosphere than you might expect from a track that is less than 3 minutes long. In the hands of Hidden Orchestra, however, it serves as the core of a longer richly layered piece propelled by their trademark dual drum attack of Tim Lane and Jamie Graham and the distinctive playing of Joe Acheson and Poppy Ackroyd. It is pure alchemy that sounds inspired, dynamic, and sophisticated.

Floex original version:

Hidden Orchestra remix:

Dust (Hidden Orchestra / Floex)

Dust is a track that appears on Hidden Orchestra’s 2010 EP, “Footsteps”. In the original mix the rhythmic pulse of the song materializes out of a soft hiss and, as the percussion marches to a full head of steam the bass, strings, horns, and electronics are brought on board until all the layers are moving at the same driving pace. It becomes a fast moving call and response between all the instruments swirling around the ever present pulse and muscular clockworks of the drums. The remix by Floex is a little more whimsical and melodic. The pulse in this version is introduced on the piano. The bass and drums still propel the piece forward, but they are processed into a dub aesthetic that still propels the piece forward, but in a more supportive role that opens up acres of sonic space for the rich synths, sax, and clarinet to take over. The voice sample in the original is dropped in favor of extended melodic improvisation and the result is very satisfying and nearly euphoric.

For more about the artists featured in this edition of Mix & Remix:

Floex:  http://www.floex.cz/

Hidden Orchestra:  http://www.hiddenorchestra.com/







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