New Music Roundup: October & November 2013 releases

Before working on my backlog of reviews I would like to make up for some lost time with a roundup of some outstanding releases that are coming our way in the second half of October as well as November.   No time to waste.  The music here is just too good! Let’s dive right in.


Segue is the musical project of Jordan Sauer from Vancouver, Canada.  Jordan’s music is in intriguing and inviting blend of ambient, drone, dob, and folk that creates deep atmospheres as well as evokes his natural surroundings.  Dronarivm will be releasing his latest effort, ‘Athabasca’ on cassette on Oct 21.   Here you can check out the track called ‘Tape Dub’.


Will Samson

Will makes pop music so atmospheric and delicate, it is almost too elusive to describe.   But it most definitely should be heard.  This is the hauntingly beautiful track ‘Rusting Giants’ from his forthcoming album ‘Light Shadows’ to released on October 25.


Secret Pyramid

Another music project out of Vancouver, Canada, Secret Pyramid is the work Amir Abbey, who creates lush, emotional soundscapes of drone ambient that are deeply engaging and surprisingly moving.  Exhibit A: The track ‘A Descent’ which opens his new album ‘Movements of Night’ to be released by Students of Decay on October 29.  I have truly enjoyed exploring this album and, in fact, it will be the next review posted on this site.


Ghost Bike

According to his Bandcamp site, Jerusalem-based producer Vlad Shusterman tags his own work as “ghost-rock”.  Indeed it is haunting & ethereal and yet bold and evocative.  Having just discovered his work recently, I just can’t stop putting his tracks in rotation in my daily playlists.  One listen to ‘The German Ocean’ and you will probably feel the same.  It will appear on his new LP ‘Sun of the Dead’ on the venerable N5MD label on November 5.


Lights and Motion

So what do you do after releasing a debut album that turns out to be one of the biggest post rock albums of the year and having your music featured on the Academy Awards and several movie trailers?  If you are Christoffer Franzen, you head right back into the studio and keep making music.  Christoffer will be giving us another full length album on Deep Elm on November 12 called ‘Save Your Heart’.  With the opener, ‘Heartbeats’, he picks up where he left off and then takes it to an even higher level of crescendo-induced bliss.


Message to Bears

Jerome Alexander will be giving us a new Message to Bears album on November 12 called ‘Maps’. He has deservedly built a devoted following for his organic blend of folk, chamber, and ambient elements that is as welcoming as a cabin in a mountain wood.


Echelon Effect

David Walters continues to grace us with new work though The Echelon Effect.  The new album ‘Atlantic’ lands on November 18 and sounds like it will be another outstanding blend of soundscapes and melodies. It also includes a couple of special guest appearances such as this one from Torsten Kinsella of God Is An Astronaut.


Nils Frahm

Not much needs be said to get people excited about the release of a new release by pianist/composer Nils Frahm.  However the album ‘Spaces’, his 10th, sounds especially enticing as it was recorded over the course of numerous concerts and emphasizes the magic of his improvisations and his electric connection with his audience.  It will be released on November 18 by Erased Tapes, but you can experience a bit of the musical alchemy now with the wonderful preview track ‘Says’

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