Album Feature: ‘More Film/TV Music’ by Lights & Motion

In January, Lights & Motion (the musical alias of Sweden’s Christoffer Franzen) put out ‘Reanimation’, one of the most exuberant and well received post rock records of the year. And later this month, Deep Elm Records will release the follow up album ‘Save Your Heart’ which is already garnering the same level of excitement and buzz as its predecessor.

Producing two high quality full-length albums is an impressive feat for any solo artist, but it turns out that is only half the story.  Pay a visit to Deep Elm’s Bandcamp site and you will see another Lights & Motion album has stealthily appeared under the radar, one that will be a special treat for fans and explores an entirely different dimension of Franzen’s talents. The album is called ‘More Film/TV Music’ and is currently only available in digital format. It is a collection of mini-scores, if you will, tracks that are inspired by film and television and which would perfectly suited for trailers or as parts of larger soundtracks.

Anyone who follows Lights & Motion on social media or Soundcloud will be familiar with many of these tracks as he has been sharing them piecemeal for several months.  Christoffer has often expressed his ardent admiration for the work of composers like Hans Zimmer and Thomas Newman. And Lights & Motion’s music is being increasingly used in actual film and TV trailers (Homefront and Lone Survior, just to name the most recent). It is only after seeing this collection, however, that I was struck by how prolific and skilled he has become in this style of music.

The album features 18 tracks covering a wide range of styles and emotions and is sequenced very thoughtfully so that it plays all the way through seamlessly, like a complete movie soundtrack. In some cases the songs were inspired by personal experiences and emotions and in others by a particular aspect of film or soundtrack composition.

Tracks like ‘Homebound’ and ‘Bravery’ are deeply personal and touching and would do justice to the emotional climax of any film.  ‘Rise’ and ‘Phobia’, on the other hand, explore darker and more dynamic territory and have a pulse-pounding pace and style that would fit in a blockbuster action film. Another favorite is ‘Discovering Mathematics’ which conveys a sense of wonder and story exposition and is, in fact, the first of these types of pieces Christoffer published.

Added treats here are a pair of tracks that would fit on a Lights & Motion post rock album, ‘Home Part 2’ (a track that could have appeared on ‘Reanimation’) and the short, but rousing ‘Teardrop’.   And, in a nice touch, the album closes with two solo piano pieces, one of which is a reprise of ‘Homebound’.

Fans of original soundtrack music, especially Zimmer and Newman, this album should really resonate with you. Fans of Lights & Motion, this collection is nothing less than a revelation and a perfect way to spend some of your listening time before the release of ‘Save Your Heart’ next week.  And if anyone reading this is a film maker, well you may have just found the perfect person to score one of your future works.  As this collection shows, Christoffer certainly has the heart and the chops for it.

‘More Film/TV Music’ is available for digital purchase and download at:


‘Discovering Mathematics’


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