Mix & Remix: Stray Theories / Need a Name — Caspian / Arms & Sleepers


Stray Theories / Need a Name

A few months ago, Stray Theories (Micah Templeton-Wolfe) released one of the finest ambient albums of 2013 entitled ‘Those Who Remain’.  The track ‘All I Know’ embodies the “pure” contemplative sound that characterizes the album.  It is quite beautiful and captures a real emotional stillness.

The remix is offered by Need a Name (Dario Lupo)  whose rendition maintains the senese of melancholic introspection of the original, but stretches it out a bit and adds more vivid hues in the way of electronics and processed guitar.  It is equally lovely, but finds more raw emotions that were hiding in the piece.


Need a Name / Stray Theories

This pair of mixes reverses the roles from the previous one.  Here we have an original from Need a Name, the track ‘Questions’ from his 2011 LP ‘Sizzling Plucks’ and the remix from Stray Theories.  The original features prominent synth tones, drops, and beats in a downtempo context that is both pensive and dynamic.

In this remix, Stray Theories applies his more hushed style to the tune and it is reborn as a crystalline piano-based reflection that is more delicate and ethereal, yet equally emotional.


Caspian / Arms & Sleepers

‘Procellous’ is a rousing track that appears on Caspian’s last full length release, ‘Waking Season’.   The word procellous means stormy, as the sea, the original version is a musical reflection of the term.  It begins with an atmospheric slow build which evolves into a gale-force crescendo.

In the remix, which appears on the new Caspian EP ‘Hymn for the Greatest Generation’, Arms & Sleepers follows the undercurrents of the song, choosing to dwell on the melody and mystery of the introduction.  It builds up a certain momentum, but becomes hypnotic rather than fierce like the original and shows how much can be done with a single musical framework in the hands of different artists.

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