Album review: ‘Night Scenes’ by Tegh (Inner Ocean Records)

Tegh_Night_ScenesTegh is a solo music project developed over the last several years by Shahin Entezami, from Tehran, Iran.  Having also covered experimental, IDM, and glitch, it is the ambient side that Entezami has chosen to focus on exclusively for his debut full length album ‘Night Scenes’ to be released on Jan 31 on Inner Ocean Records.

Maintaining a wistful and threnodial mood throughout, there is a subtle arc the album traverses over the course of its six tracks from the undulating and decaying loops of ‘They Were From Somewhere Cold’ and ‘Crossing’ to the nearly funereal mystery of ‘Conn’ and ‘Autumn’ and the mellifluous, but muted melancholy of ‘Down’ and ‘Bird are Singing on a Tree Without Leaves’.  

Entezami shows remarkable skill and assurance here in patiently crafting a record of pristine beauty imbued with great depth of emotion.  Like Pouya Saremi’s striking cover art, the sounds are layered in icy cool and deep blue shades that are equally mesmerizing and soothing.  Balancing grace and gravitas on a solid foundation of pure ambiance, ‘Night Scenes’ is a thoroughly satisfying album and one you may find you enjoy getting lost in repeatedly.

Tegh on Soundcloud