Album (EP) review: ‘They Will Come Back For You​.​.​.’ by Kusanagi

Kusanagi is an instrumental rock band from Liverpool, and with their second EP, ‘They Will Come Back For You….’, they deliver a rousing and irresistible set of progressive/math/post rock jams that will have you wearing out the repeat button on your favorite music player.

The arrangements here are inventive, requiring a high level of energy, musical telepathy, and precision timing, which the the quartet of Alan Caulton, Ben Davis, Dan Hunt, & Dean Caffery demonstrate consistently throughout.  As admirable (and fun) as that is, what I find especially impressive is the range the band demonstrates as the album progresses.

As if drawing in a deep breath, the sound of blowing wind fills the first ten seconds of the album before the opening track ‘Spires’ shoots out of the gate like a hydraulic launch roller coaster right into an adrenaline rush of crunching riffs, rapid progressions, taut bass lines, and staccato drum fills.  The thrill ride continues as math rock segues into post rock with the power-chord laden ‘What fools these mortals’ and back again with the scintillating intro to ‘Rhinoceros’.

It is several minutes into this song that we are introduced to another side of the band’s sound as the pace slows to feature acoustic rhythms and clean, shimmering electric guitar (think Signal Hill).  These bucolic moments in the middle of ‘Rhinoceros’ and the song that follows, ‘Danxia’, are lovely and add welcome depth & breadth to each. Another pleasant surprise is the bonus title track which  shows the band are quite capable of creating ambient, cinematic soundscapes as well. 

So perhaps ‘They Will Come Back For You​.​.​.’ is not so much a roller coaster ride as a drive through a winding mountain road in finely tuned sports car, letting the listener experience moments of satisfying exhilaration without forgetting to slow down and enjoy the scenery.  I know I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.  Highly recommended.


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