Sound Bytes : Missed Gems Part Three : Esmerine, Don Peris, Dalot and Orbit Over Luna

Stationary Travels is very privileged to have some of the selections from the 2013 album travelogues published on the wonderful Headphone Commute as part of their “Missed Gems” series. Part three features Esmerine, Don Peris, Dalot, and Orbit Over Luna.

Headphone Commute

Esmerine - DalmakEsmerine
With Dalmak, the Esmerine quartet (Bruce Cawdron, Beckie Foon, Jamie Thompson and Brian Sanderson) deliver their first album since 2011 and what an aural feast it is. Here again, some background on the album’s genesis is important to getting the most from it. “Dalmak is a Turkish verb with many connotations: to contemplate, to be absorbed in, to dive into, to bathe in, to rush into, to plummet. As a title for Esmerine’s new album, ‘dalmak’ refers in a literal sense to immersion in the culture and music of Istanbul but also appropriately evokes the range of music that emerged from this immersion: a collection of songs that shift between meditative pulsing and enveloping restraint to headlong flights into rhythm and groove.” “Lost River Blues”, “Barn Board Fire”, and “Translator’s Clos” form the up-tempo core of the album and the dynamic collaboration with a variety…

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