Sound Bytes : Missed Gems Part Four : Monochromie, Porya Hatami, Ancient Colours and woodworkings

Stationary Travels is very privileged to have some of the selections from the 2013 album travelogues published on the wonderful Headphone Commute as part of their “Missed Gems” series. Part four features Monochromie, Porya Hatami, Ancient Colours, and Woodworkings.

Headphone Commute

If you’ve been following, counting, or simply reading the subject, this is the fourth entry in the Missed Gems Sound Bytes column, in which I [desperately] catch up to all the great music of last year that somehow washed out through the cracks. Thankfully Stationary Travels saves the day with hand-picked jewels that caught their ear. Don’t forget to click on the image which will take you on to the album’s page on bandcamp where you can preview the entire album and hopefully will buy! More installments to come!

Monochromie – Colours in the DarkMonochromie
Colours in the Dark
Time Released Sound
With Colours in the DarkWilson Trouvé takes his Monochromie project down a more pastoral path with an album mastered by Wil Bolton centered almost completely around the piano with minimal amounts of additional sonic ornamentation. The tone is melancholic and nostalgic, with a dash of romanticism casting light gently on the grey…

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