Sound Bytes : Missed Gems Part One : Elskavon, Threethings, Zinovia and Off Land

Stationary Travels is very privileged to have some of the selections from the 2013 album travelogues published on the wonderful Headphone Commute as part of their “Missed Gems” series. Part one features Elskavon, Threethings, Zinovia, and Off Land.

Headphone Commute

As hard as I try to keep up with this endless torrent of beautiful music, there are still a few gems that seem to slip through the cracks. After publishing my own Best of 2013 lists, I spend countless hours combing through the internet in search of such treasure. Today I present you with the first part of my discoveries, courtesy of Stationary Travels favorite selections, who I’m very honored to have contribute to Headphone Commute.

Elskavon – ReleaseElskavon
Anthem Falls
Elskavon is the ambient project of Chris Bartels who has several musical irons in the fire, including the indie band Bora York (with his wife Rebekah) and a more experimental electronic venture called Vitamin June. Of all these, it seems Elskavon is the most ambitious and fully realized. Like Elskavon’s debut, Movements in Season (2012), Release is a serene and lovely record catering to a very pure ambient aesthetic…

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