Album Review: “A Home for You” by Good Weather For An Airstrike (Hawk Moon)

The latest album by Good Weather For An Airstrike, is a family affair in more ways than one.  First of all, this beautiful new ambient recording was declared by Tom Honey to be a gift to his newborn twin girls.  In addition, Tom’s brother Rob contributed percussion, guitar textures, and co-wrote one of the songs.  And, Tom’s wife Lauren created the lovely artwork.

The album opens with ‘Lungs’ which begins with simple chords on the piano, percussion in the rhythm of a heartbeat, and, if my ears don’t betray me, the faint echoes of life in the womb via ultrasound (music to the ears of any parent-to-be).  Layers are gently added creating both a sense of stillness and wonder.  That sense grows with the lush ambience of ‘Awaiting Your Arrival’ and ‘Breathing’, the latter co-written with Rob Honey (of Inachus, Oceanus, and Damn Robot).

The album continues to gently expand its canvas without disrupting the integral flow and tranquility.  The sea, nearby to the Honey’s home in the south of England, is introduced literally through field recordings in ‘A Song for Libby’ and ‘Clutch’ and thematically in ‘Tides’, a shimmering, cinematic beauty that is perhaps my favorite track on the record.  Finally the album does a gentle fade into peaceful slumber with the 15 minute drone piece, ‘Welcome Home’.

“A Home For You” s a generous offering at nearly 55 minutes.  The album is both true to the graceful musical trajectory of the GWFAA project as well as the sentiments of love and welcoming that it is clearly intended to convey.  Tom Honey continues to go from strength to strength as a composer and the guitar textures and percussion contributed by Rob Honey add perfect understated embellishment.   All of this is expertly mastered by Simon Housley (of Oathless) into one lovely and very complete package that I would enthusiastically recommend as an addition to any ambient collection.

“A Home For You” is available via Hawk Moon Records as a digital download and a limited edition vinyl effect CDr:

Listen to ‘Tides’:

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