Travelogue: Week 2014-30

Noteworthy highlights from the past week of music discovery, releases, previews, and other news.  Remember daily updates are available on the ST Facebook and Twitter feeds and audio/video links to all tracks featured during the month are available on our Songdrop page.

Releases & Previews

Vinyl Reissues of Nest and Brambles [Serein]

The UK-based Serein label just successfully crowd funded a project to reissue Retold, the 2009 release by Nest (he collaborative project of Otto A Totland and Huw Roberts).   Slated to be shipped in September, what remains unspoken for of the limited pressing is now available for pre-order.  In the meantime, the entire album including a new track and a remix by Brambles can be streamed on Soundcloud.  If you are not already familiar with this beautiful blend of ambient and modern classical elements, I strongly recommend checking it out. Details here:

‘Tides’ by Nest 

And speaking of Brambles, on the heels of the success of the Nest project, Serein has just announced a new project to fund a vinyl reissue of Charcoal, a fine album that made many a best of list in when it was released in 2012.  Follow the link below for more information and listen here to the track ‘Arête’ as a reminder of the brilliance of this sublime record. Details here:

‘Arête’ by Brambles 


Rumour Cubes, is a six piece instrumental band that “fuse violin & viola, guitars, electronics and visual media into extraordinary cinematic soundscapes”.  Their second album Appearances of Collections is due out August 18.  Modern classical and post rock idioms blend seamlessly in ‘Seven Year Glitch’, the newest preview track now available for streaming and download on their Soundcloud page.

‘Seven Year Glitch’ by Rumour Cubes

Memory Drawings [Hibernate]

Memory Drawings, the chamber folk outfit of hammer dulcimer player Joel Hanson, guitarist Richard Adams (Hood,  Declining Winter) and violinist Sarah Kemp (Lanterns on the Lake), will release their second album, There is No Perfect Place, in August on Hibernate.  This was a new discovery for me this week, but I was quite drawn in by the preview track ‘There is a World Without You’ and as they are self-described as “drifting, pastoral, evocative isntrumental music for travel” I am now very much looking forward to hearing more.

‘There is a World Without You’ by Memory Drawings

Gideon Wolf [Time Released Sound]

Time Released Sound are known for their very creative and aesthetically striking physical releases.  The most recent is the last of their “chocolate box” series.  The musical offering is by Gideon Wolf, a four track EP  featuring electronically treated piano based ambient.  A limited run of 65 copies will be issued on a 3” CD with an “analog memory box of sorts, containing vintage bits of electronics/circuit boards/tubes/transistors/switches/punch cards and other detritus…Each box is also collaged/stamped and labelled inside and out with the usual antique paper ephemera, including hand drawn and annotated schematics, and also contains in the lid of the box a set of four, ultra hi res, collaged, double sided, color mini prints”.  Orders will begin on July 27. Follow the link below for images and complete details.  You can also listen here to the very evocative title track.

Details here:

‘Diagram’ by Gideon Wolf 


Glories is a post rock band from Birmingham, Alabama that I have enjoyed tracking since their debut 3 track EP.  I am very fond of their sound, which recalls the elegant lyricism of Explosions in the Sky but also erupts with soaring passages reminiscent of groups like Caspian. Their debut LP Mother Reverb was one of my favorite post rock albums of 2013 and there is every indication that Put the Beast Out of Mind, due out next week, will make my list of favorites in 2014.  In anticipation of the release on July 29, you can listen here now to ‘Of Good Fortunes’.

Glories on Bandcamp:

‘Of Good Fortune’ by Glories 

Singles & Sketches

Tegh / Umachunga

The Iranian electronic music scene is simmering at a robust boil right now as evidenced by posts in the past few months about Porya Hatami, Siavash Amini, Idlefon, and Arash Akbari.  This week we got single releases from two more stars in that firmament – Tegh (Shahin Entezami) and Umchunga (Nima Pourkarimi).  To my knowledge, none of these tracks are slated for a planned release, but they are very much worth the time for a thoughtful listen, especially for those who like their ambient music deep, dense, and imbued with emotion.  Also featured here is an outstanding collaboration by the two released in June, also as a stand alone piece. Both artists have new albums in the works that we will hopefully see soon.

‘Banished’ by Tegh 

‘Totally Unaware’ by Umchunga 

‘Held (for Fateme)’ by Umchunga & Tegh 

Kyle Bobby Dunn

Kyle Bobby Dunn follows behind his 3 LP opus “Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness” (on Students of Decay) with this stand alone piece which was composed for an unmade film which he describes as an “extensive guitar suite composed as a soundtrack piece for voices lost”.   A graceful 13 minute opus by an acknowledged master of the genre, a free download, and that cat face..what’s not to like?

‘Ghost Picture Theme for Final Thoughts on a Screenplay by J.H.B’. by Kyle Bobby Dunn

UNKOWNjp (Tomonari Nozaki)

Tomonari Nozaki received mention in last week’s travelogue in reference to his collaboration with EUS.  This week I wanted to call attention to the outstanding unreleased single tracks that he has been quietly putting out on his Soundcloud page under his UNKNOWNjp moniker.  His latest offering called ‘Richat Structre’ (referring to the “eye of the Sahara“) is especially stunning, truly a piece of music to get lost in.

‘Richat Structure’ by UNKNOWNjp