Siavash Amini – What Wind Whispered To The Trees [Futuresequence]

What Wind Whispered To The Trees by Siavash Amini 

What Wind Whispered To The Trees by Tehran-based musician and producer Siavash Amini marks the second time that he has channeled powerful themes and cultural motifs from classic literature into a stunningly beautiful and uniquely moving collection of music.  Released earlier this year, Till Human Voices Wake Us distilled T.S. Eliot’s poetic explorations of fragile souls seeking love and redemption into a vivid melancholy expressed through poignant guitar motifs superimposed over deep undercurrents of ambient drone.  The author Amini chose for the new album is none other than the Russian master Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and while there is a certain reassuring continuity in his style and approach, there is also a dilation of tone in proportion to the comparatively grander scope of this author’s work.

Specifically, certain tracks reference characters from The Brothers Karamazov (‘Aliosha and the Fire’) and Demons (‘Maria Timofeyevna’), but Amini does not attempt to recapitulate such vast source material directly in forty minutes of music. Instead he chooses a modern and poetically abstract exploration of their themes similar to and inspired by that taken in Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1975 film The Mirror . Rather than tell a linear story or fragments thereof, the album only strives to capture a zeitgeist. It reflects, reacts, evokes, and resonates.

The masterstroke which really makes this all work and which distinguishes this album from Amini’s earlier work is two pronged. First, he intensifies the depth and distortion of his guitar creating huge sonic spaces and filling them up. Then he incorporates the impassioned violin playing of Nima Aghiani and unites the two in a richly melodramatic, neo-romantic style that is reminiscent of another source of inspiration for this album, composer Zbigniew Preisner (exhibit A, his soundtrack to The Decalogue).  The result is a sumptuous and deeply resonant fusion of ambient guitar drone and modern classical styles that is both absorbing and intensely moving.

What Wind Whispered To The Trees is expertly mastered by Lawrence English and is accompanied by artwork from musician/photographer Alex Kozobolis. The album is released on a glassmastered CD in a digipak sleeve by Futuresequence, a music label which has been doing great work in helping connect lesser known talented ambient & experimental artists with new audiences (side note: do not miss their eight free V/A compilations!).  Listen here to the track ‘Dusk’ from the album and follow the link below to order a copy.


‘Dusk’ from What Wind Whispered To The Trees by Siavash Amini 

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