Travelogue: Week 2014-40

Noteworthy highlights from the past week of music discovery, releases, previews, and other news.  Daily updates are available on the Stationary Travels Facebook and Twitter feeds and audio/video links to all tracks featured during the month are available on the Songdrop page.

Recent Releases

Sven Laux | Elusive Moments | Dew Tone (Sep 26)

On his newest record Sven Laux creates deeply chilled, atmospheric electronica embedding subtle beats, clicks, and textures into flowing ambient soundfields.  The balance is just right to make for an engaging album that is immediately welcoming, but delivers increasing rewards with every spin.  Elusive Moments is released by Dewtone Recordings.

Order (digital only):

‘Hovering Between Hope and Reality (Part 1)’ by Sven Laux

Mt. Judge | Lights | (Sep 28)

Tom White returns under the moniker of Mt. Judge with a new recording called Lights comprised of graceful ambient drones and vivid field recordings collected over the summer in Iceland (Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavik, and around Mt. Akrafjall). The album is available on the Mt. Judge Bandcamp page in digital and cassette formats.

Order (digital/cassette):

‘Southern Peak’ by Mt. Judge 

Mathieu Lamontagne | Récidives | Twice Removed Records (Oct 1)

Récidives is the newest album by Mathieu Lamontagne (aka arbee) and is one of a flurry of interesting new releases coming out on Twice Removed Records that has really caught my ear. According to Mathieu:

“Recivides is about things that change. Those things that change slowly, subtly. One Day, you wake up and realise that Fall is near, that somebody you love is quietly moving away from you. Only yesterday my son was born, now going to school. Recivides is about slowly moving melodies, sounds. Evolving sounds, Evolving people”

Order (digital/CD):

‘Petits Caracteres’ by Mathieu Lamontagne 

Federico Durand | La estralla dormida | White Paddy Mountain (Oct 1)

Federico Durand has been productive in 2014 creating recordings embroidered with delicate, organic sounds from piano, cassette loops, analog synthesizers, and other sources.  La estrella dormida (the sleeping star) is his latest and has been released by White Paddy Mountain, the label run by fellow sound artist Chihei Hatakeyama.  Federico himself summarizes what the album is about beautifully:

“Sometimes at dusk, from the train window, I can see the first star in the sky. Its light is a company that stays by my side during the travel until it gets dark. Then, like a magical presence, the stars, with its shining melody, invite me to dream. “La estrella dormida” (The Sleeping Star) is an album to listen to at sunset, during that moment when the sky changes its color and houses and gardens turn pink, silent and musical at the same time. “La estrella dormida” is an album to come back home. ”

Order (digital/CD):

‘La estrella dormida’ by Federico Durand

twincities | September Tapes | Audio Gourmet (Oct 1)

Fletcher McDermott just continues to get better & better with his ambient project twincities. September Tapes is a new EP he calls “a short collection of drifting melodies” that he created with with friend & collaborator Jesse Asch who contributed guitars, keys, and the lovely cover art.  The mesmerizing subtleties of Variations for the Celesta are here infused with a touch of pastoral warmth to weave an irresistible spell over the course of fifteen minutes.  This is a gem to be savored and more of the same would be welcomed with open arms (and ears).

‘in the light of the carolina hills’ by twincities

Tiny Leaves | Reed |  (Oct 1)

Reed is a delightful new two track EP by Tiny Leaves, the music project of Joel Nathaniel Pike. According to the Bandcamp page, it is the outcome of his experimentation with Christopher Tignor’s Mnemonica software while writing his second album.  Deciding they offered a unique sound, Pike decided to record them live in his garden studio and release them on 7″ vinyl. Listeners can now order Reed in digital format from the Tiny Leaves Bandcamp or obtain the vinyl edition through a Pledge funding campaign.  The album art features the photography of Heather Polley.

7″ vinyl:


‘Paean’ by Tiny Leaves 


Leonardo Rosado| ‘On the Cyclical Nature of Winter’

One of the singles that really caught my ear this week is this piece by Leonardo Rosado, an especially evocative sonic sketch that melds natural sounds and subtle ambient drone.  Rosado releases many interesting stand alone pieces on his Soundcloud page, so following is highly recommended.

‘On the Cyclical Nature of Winter’

Madeliene Cocolas + Monloyth & Cobalt | ‘Month One Project’

Born in Australia and based in Seattle, composer Madeleine Cocolas recently completed a project in which she released a different piece of music every week for 52 weeks covering varying genres from modern classical to ambient and from melodious to experimental.  Now French composer and multi-instrumentalist Mathias Van Ecloo (aka Monolyth & Cobalt) is reworking music from the 52 week project into new pieces that will be released each month.  Listen here to the first of these monthly collaborations and the original week two piece that is partially incorporated.

‘Month One Project (Madeliene Cocolas + Monolyth & Cobalt)’

‘Week Two Project’ by Madeleine Cocolas

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