Travelogue: Week 2014-42

Noteworthy highlights from the past week of music discovery, releases, previews, and other news.  Daily updates are available on the Stationary Travels Facebook and Twitter feeds and audio/video links to all tracks featured during the month are available on the Songdrop page.

Previews of Upcoming Releases

Aaron Martin | Comet’s Coma | Eilean Rec. (Nov 11)

Americana, modern classical, ambient, and experimental all come together in the stunning work of Aaron Martin whose next album, Comet’s Coma, will be released by Eilean Records on November 11.  Fans of Day Has Ended (his split album with Christoph Berg and one of my favorites of 2013) or From the Mouth of the Sun, his collaboration with Dag Rosenqvist, should be especially delighted with this.  The preview of the new album, mastered by label-mate Fletcher McDermott (aka Twincities) sounds incredible.  Eilean releases have been consistently selling out and this may be one of their very best, so anyone interested in a physical copy should start tracking this now.

More information:!releases/cni8

Comet’s Coma album sampler: 

Secret Pyramid | The Silent March (reissue) | Students of Decay (Nov 11)

Students of Decay will soon be reissuing The Silent March by Secret Pyramid, a drone ambient project from musician Amir Abbey which features “reverb-drenched songforms and titanic edifices of drone”.  The album, which features an improved mixdown by James Plotkin, will be available in MP3, FLAC, and vinyl and also as a special 2XCD release that includes last year’s stellar Movements of Night.  Highly recommended.  



Outside from The Silent March by Secret Pyramid: 

Cinchel | Nature (Part 1) | Twice Removed (Nov 1)

Chicago-based ambient/drone artist Cinchel will have his latest album, Nature (Part 1), released on the 1st of November by Twice Removed Records.  As track titles such as ‘A Leaf’, ‘The River’, and ‘Letting it Rain’ suggest, this an organic ambient journey filled with texture and light. The album will come in an edition of 30 copies with retro postcard and recycled magazine paper sleeve (no two the same).


‘Letting it Rain’ from Nature (Part 1) by Cinchel: 

Off Land | Quinarian | Psychonavigation (Oct 27)

After several outstanding releases that featured geographic motifs and field recordings, Tim Dwyer will take his Off Land project on a slightly different tack with Quinarian due out later this month on the Psychonavigation label who tells us this about the album:

“Quinarian showcases Tim’s love of Space Ambient. The combination of lush synth pads and choice vocal samples create a beautiful soundscape that fans of the late Pete namlook / Tangerine Dream will adore. The Quinarian system was a method of zoological classification which had a brief period of popularity in the mid 19th century, especially among British naturalists.[The] system of animal classification, which regarded all animal groups as being naturally divisible by five.”


Quinarian album sampler: 

Recent Releases

Linear Bells | Lost Sounds | (Oct 18)

David Teboul has been nothing less than generous with his Linear Bells project of late.  Earlier this year we saw the double-length album The Stars Will Shine released with the long form EP Robots, Orchestra, and Tones as well as an expanded remaster of his first album Los Angeles.  This week he also released Lost Sounds with nearly two dozen tracks that appeared on disparate compilations or were simply never released.  The generosity further extends to the pricing which is name your own, including free.  Found treasure for ambient connoisseurs.

‘Mayo’ from Lost Sounds by Linear Bells 

Muhd | Dilogia | BLWBCK (Oct 15)

Samuel Vaney, a native of Switzerland now based in Singapore, will be debuting his first release under the name Muhd on BLWBCK based in Toulouse, France. The label describes the album as “a study of contrasts within saturated fog; nostalgic, heart-rending ambient melody coloured with shoegaze and prog rock, haunted by tension and sadness…Dilogia is a 40-minute perpetual climax that travels through rain, dream, travel, relationships and inertia.”  Dilogia is available in a limited run of cassettes (66 copies) and digital download.  Fans of Tim Hecker that have not heard Muhd will particularly want to take note.


 ‘Dahlem’ from Dilogia by Muhd: 

Seas of Years | Drifting Ever Shifting | (Oct 15)

Stockholm based Seas of Years are one of my favorite emerging post rock bands.  They have an excellent grasp of melody and structure and a sound that always feels ideally balanced whether churning out heavy power chords or meandering through an acoustic reverie.  They follow up their assured debut EP Ocean Rift with another stellar effort in Drifting Ever Shifting, a slightly more expansive offering.  Solid guitar-based instrumental rock that soars, uplifts, and satisfies.

‘Ledge’ from Drifting Ever Shifting by Seas of Years 

V/A | Emerging Organisms vol.5 | Typmanik Audio (Oct 14)

Tympanik Audio this week released the 5th volume of their Emerging Organisms series featuring no less than 30 exclusive tracks from some of the hottest talents in electronic music including Ocoeur, Miktek, Idelfon, r.roo,, Roel Funcken, Tineidae, Zinvoia, Lights Out Asia, and more.  For fans of the genre, little more need be said.

‘Deep Dive Conversations’ by Miktek from Emerging Organisms vol.5

Alonefold | Wanderer and Stone | (Oct 12)

Australian ambient composer Scott Beardow this week grew his Alonefold project by a new release called Wanderer and Stone.  The album is comprised of three long form pieces that stretch out to over an hour of contemplative, often serene music. Beardow tells us about the album:

“The tracks were first started after reflecting on a particular dream that left me with the idea of a wanderer and a stone. They were slowly composed over October 2013 to June 2014 wherein these words, like a riddle, were often on my mind. Only now after slow recognition do I feel confident enough to speak of them. In all, Wanderer and Stone is an attempt to express the yearning, loneliness and confused freedom of individuality that can lead one to an ever continuing search for the greater beauty and meaning in existence, while never fully grasping it.”

‘Wanderer and Stone’ by Alonefold (title track):

Danny Clay | Glacier Park | Uknown Tone (Sep 27)

Originally from Ohio and now based in San Francisco, Danny Clay describes himself as a “composer and general noisemaker”.  He follows up his album Archive, released this past June, with another fascinating record called Glacier Park which was inspired by his grandparents 35mm film photography from a 1996 trip to Alaska.  To evoke a sense of nostalgia, Danny recorded the album using only the 8-bit lofi sounds generated by a GameBoy(TM) processed through reel-to-reel tape. Mastered with additional artwork by Mark Kuykendall, this is a unique release that will be attractive to ambient and experimental music fans alike.  The album is available in digital and a limited run of clear cassettes from Unknown Tone Records.

‘Portage’ from Glacier Park by Danny Clay 


The Volume Settings Folder | ‘Dreary Water Suspended’

Dreary Water Suspended is a single track release by The Volume Settings Folder, a 32 minute live improvisation recorded in the northeast of Italy “as the early mist of October floats over the fields”.  I found this an inviting and absorbing piece of music that held my interest for the entire track.  The field recordings, rich tones, and melodic ideas come together quite beautifully, especially for an improvised piece.  An unexpected gem for fans of ambient guitar and contemplative music.

Tegh | ‘The Memories Are Killing Us’

Shahin Entezami has given us another fine piece of music from his solo music project called Tegh while we await his next album. Listen to the lovely new piece ‘The Memories Are Killing Us’ after which you may want to spend some time checking out the other singles and compilation tracks on his Soundcloud page as well as his excellent debut album on Inner Ocean called Night Scenes.