Travelogue Week 2014-49

Noteworthy highlights from the past week of music discovery, releases, previews, and other news.  Daily updates are available on the Stationary Travels Facebook and Twitter feeds and audio/video links to all tracks featured during the month are available on the Songdrop page. 

Previews of Upcoming Releases

Leigh Toro| L’Esprit De L’Escalier [Eilean Rec.]

Eilean Records wraps up an impressive debut year with this release by Leigh Toro (aka Flotel) due out on Dec 12. L’Esprit De L’Escalier is the title of the album, coyly taken from a French term used in English that refers to thinking of a perfect retort too late (literally “staircase wit”). The preview tracks promise an album of exquisitely crafted electroacoustic ambient music which the label has come to typify. As with previous releases, physical copies will be beautifully presented and quite limited, so interested listeners should check this out early.!release-leigh-toro/c1qut

Featured: ‘Ringstone Round’

New Album Releases

The Gateless Gate | Sibir (plus bonus tracks) | [Pyschonavigation]

Toronto based duo The Gateless Gate move from one extreme landscape to another as they leave behind the desert motifs of their Steve Kilbey inspired EP Myrrh to explore the vastness of Siberia with Sibir, a release so expansive that it comes in two parts.  The first part is a 5-track, hour long journey through the landscapes of this huge territory articulated in a modern “komische” ambient style that is simultaneously lush and glacial and is supplemented with evocative field recordings.  The second part is a companion release with over 30 minutes of bonus tracks that speak to the human element with references to both the region’s industrial installations and its somber, sometimes tragic, history.

Featured: ‘Winter in Yakutia’ and ‘Norilsk’ (bonus track)


Download bonus tracks:

Monolyth & Cobalt | Sub + Rosa [Uknown Tone]

Mathias Van Eecloo has been nothing less than a force of nature this year.  He rolled out the Eilean Records label which produced 12 outstanding releases since the Spring and put out two full length recordings, III (exode) as  D.rhöne  and Polarlicht under his better known moniker of Monolyth & Cobalt. And that is not even to mention the lovely new collaboration he has started with composer Madeleine Cocolas. The icing on the cake is the new double album Sub + Rosa on Unknown Tone, consisting of 12 original electroacoustic ambient tracks and another dozen which are reworks by a stellar array of artists including Wil Bolton, Porya Hatami, and Machinefabriek. Sub + Rosa is offered in digital and limited edition 2CD formats.


Featured: ‘Asphodel’

V/A | A Minute of Your Time [Hawk Moon Records]

Hawk Moon Records has just released a noteworthy V/A compilation called A Minute of Your Time which contains 19 tracks from an impressive list of artists from inside & outside their roster. The format is unique in that each track is exactly one minute long (give or take a few seconds).  It is an engaging listen with a broad range of styles reflective of the diverse contributors who include Moshimoss, Good Weather for an Airstrike, Olan Mill, Stray Theories, Orbit Over Luna, Tiny Leaves, Caught in the Wake Forever, and more. Best of all, all amounts paid for the download will benefit Crohn’s & Colitis UK (  Being able to enjoy this varied and engaging set and help a worthy organization is certainly a winning proposition.


Wil Bolton| Whorl [Sound In Silence]

Sound artist Wil Bolton follows up his outstanding album Bokeh with another beautiful collection of songs called Whorl just released on Sound In Silence. Whereas the former was set in mostly urban landscapes, the latter is a more pastoral, nature-oriented affair.  What both have in common the peerless soundcraft and sense of stillness & beauty that characterize Bolton’s work. The album is offered in a limited edition of 200 hand-made, hand-numbered collectible copies.


Featured: ‘Leaves That Curl’

Tineidae| Shadows [Tympanik Audio]

Electronic music artist Tineidae delivers a new album of evocative music in the form of Shadows on Tympanik Audio with tracks offering deep liquid atmospheres, glitchy transitions, and occasional eruptions of towering synths and resonating percussion. Whether you enjoy ambient, glitch, progressive, or IDM electronic music, there should be something here for you in this richly atmospheric recording.  Offered in digital and CD formats including a special poster edition.


Featured: ‘Unconscious’

New EP Releases

Hakobune | Vitex Negundo [Empiric Records]

Hakobune (aka Takahiro Yorifu) has released a new three track effort long enough to straddle the fence between EP and LP and stacked in rich layers of blissful drone woven from soft ambient guitar and wrapped in warm hissing tape loops. This beautiful aural journey is entitled Vitex Negundo and is available via German label Empiric Records.

Featured: ‘Brief Respite’

Tomonari Nozaki | The Fall of Icarus | [Taalem]

After releasing quite a few stunning single tracks on his Soundcloud page, composer Tomonari Nozaki (aka UnknownJP) has released a gorgeous two track EP on Taalem called The Fall of Icarus.  Those familiar with his work will be happy to hear more of resplendent ambient soundscapes imbued with romantic spirit.  In this record, Nozaki offers stunning abstract musical imagery inspired by the mythic character as he imagines him falling into the sea and ascending into the sky. The striking cover art is provided by Curtis Hall ( Available in digital and limited edition 3” CDr formats.

Random Forest | Hibernation |

After putting out both a full length record (Pacific) and an EP (Sierra) as The Echelon Effect, David Walters again teams up with composer Aaron Gilbert as Random Forest resulting in their second release called Hibernation. It is another enjoyable outing blending atmospheric soundscapes with post rock drive and cinematic flourish. Available as a name your price digital download.

Featured: ‘Iowa’


Ambient Acoustique – Stationary Travels 2014.11.25

As Autumn turns brown & grey and the first harbingers of winter’s chill arrive, the warmth of acoustic music is always welcome. This is a new mix which features some exceptionally lovely work by the following artists:

Western Skies Motel
Ancient Colours
Belle Arche Lou
Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo
Jacob Montague
Aaron Martin
Memory Drawings
Ghost and Tape