2014: Top Ten Ambient (Drone / Soundscape)

This year I’ve divided the ambient categories into drone/soundscape, electroacoustic, and electronica. For me, the best drone/soundscape focuses on mood and reverie.  Elements, layers, and motifs blend into a whole that transcends the sum of the respective parts, a rich tapestry of sound that envelopes and transports the listener. These ten albums are some of the most outstanding examples released this year.

Siavash Amini 
What Wind Whispered to the Trees [Futuresequence]

Featured track: ‘Dark Oak Woods’

Continental Drift [Home Normal]

Featured track: ‘Isostatic Uplift’

Noveller & thisquietarmy
Reveries [Shelter Press]

Featured track: ‘Reverie 1’

Porya Hatami
Arrivals and Departures [Time Released Sound]

Featured track: ‘Landing’

Arash Akbari
Cracked Echoes [Soft Recordings]

Featured track: ‘Until Time Sits by Your Side’

Lianas [Eilean Rec.]

Featured track: ‘Our Bodies Draped in Moss and Cloud’

Kevin Verwijmeren
It’s the Colour of a Cloud Covered Sky [Soft Corridor]

Featured track: ‘Southward Plains’

Sky Limits [Two Acorns]

Featured track: ‘Tangent Lines’

Mathieu Lamontagne
Recidives [Twice Removed]

Featured track: ‘Est’

Night Scenes [Inner Ocean]

Featured track: ‘Down’

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