Travelogue 2014: A dozen noteworthy EPs

While the focus of year end retrospectives is typically slanted toward full length albums, there have been some wonderful noteworthy EPs released this year that are not to be missed. Here are a dozen to consider.

Click on the cover art to discover/order any album and scroll down to listen to a sample from each.


This group features Jon Hopkins “decelerated, dreamlike re-imaginings” of tracks from his acclaimed “Immunity” album ;lush and mellifluous ambient electronica from Northcape; the gently cinematic contemplations of Steve Gibbs, and an abstract re-imagining of a mythic story by reel-to-reel wizard Tomonari Nozaki. 

Aslep Versions
Jon Hopkins
Domino Recording

Sun Sea Sky

Steve Gibbs

The Fall of Icarus
Tomonari Nozaki

‘Form by Firelight (with Raphaelle Standell)’ by Jon Hopkins

‘Glasshouse’ by Northcape

‘Adrift’ by Steve Gibbs

‘Falling Into the Sky’ by Tomonari Nozaki

Modern Classical

This group features an exquisite 2 track excursion from Deaf Center; mesmerizing collaborations between composer Lucy Claire, vocalist Alev Lenz and ambient artist Bruised Skies; a sublime duet between cellist Peter Gregson and pianist/composer Michael Price, and a plaintive journey through the Italian country side with Halo

Deaf Center
Sonic Pieces

Collaborations No.1
Lucy Claire
This Is It Forever

Berlin 1-3
Peter Gregson & Michael Price

Song of the Highest Tower
A Strangely Isolated Place

‘Follow Still’ by Deaf Center
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‘Somnus ft. Bruised Skies’ by Lucy Claire

‘Berlin 1’ by Peter Gregson and Michael Price

‘The Inner Realm’ by Halo

Post Rock/Instrumental

This group features glacial soundscapes created by elegant electronic & post rock artists North Atlantic Drift and ambient metal guitar duo Northumbria; a bright and  melodic set from Swedish band Seas of Years; a playful, yet deceptively complex collection of tunes from Hairpin Turns, and a lively, groove-laden take on post rock by Canadian trio You Are An Explorer. 

North Atlantic Drift/Northumbria
Polar Seas Recordings

Drifting Ever Shifting
Seas of Years

Here Come the Tephra Jets
Hairpin Turns

You Are An Explorer

‘Ursa Major’ by North Atlantic Drift

‘Ledge’ by Seas of Years

‘Tephra Jets’ by Hairpin Turns

‘My Name is Drftwood’ by You Are an Explorer

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