Travelogue 2014: Top Ten Eclectic

I think of this group of albums as a beautiful Venn diagram from the perspective of music covered on Stationary Travels. Familiar elements of ambient, electronic, modern classical, and post rock appear, but so do many others in a prominent way – pop, shoegaze, folk, jazz, and trad. But these are only reference points, not boundaries. Just enjoy the diversity, vibrancy, and song craft in this very appealing set of albums released this year.

Click on the cover art to discover/order any album and scroll down to listen to a sample from each.

Nothing Is Real
The Flashbulb

Ghostly International

Morr Music

There Is No Perfect Place
Memory Drawings
Hibernate Recordings

Toute la nuit dans les veines
Belle Arché Lou
Humanist Records


This Is For Our Sins
Lowercase Noises


GoGo Penguin

In the Wake of Neil Gunn
Mike Vass
Unroofed Records

Selected Tracks

‘I Can Feel It Humming’ by The Flashbulb

‘Dye’ by Tycho

‘Infinite Stillness’ by Orcas

‘Golden Afternoon’ by Memory Drawings

‘Le vent succède à l’adieu’ by Belle Arché Lou

‘The Night Is Long That Never Finds the Day’ by Yadayn

‘A Chance Grain of Rye’ by Lowercase Noises

‘Úti’ by Hugar

‘Hopopono’ by GoGo Penguin

‘Heave and Roll’ by Mike Vass

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