Travelogue: Week 2015-01

The weekly travelogues begin for 2015 with a round-up of recent releases, previews, and other gems of music discovery to share. Daily updates are available on the Stationary Travels Facebook and Twitter feeds and audio/video links to all tracks featured during the month are available on the Songdrop page. 

Recent Releases

Olan Mill | Half Seas Over [Home Normal]

While many of us were busy drafting our year end retrospectives a number of fine releases came out that are not to be missed and Olan Mill leads off the list.  Half Seas Over is Alex Smalley’s latest under this beloved moniker and is released on the Home Normal label.  6 pristine tracks comprise this lovely EP including two recorded live.


Featured track: ‘Dexterous Bushwa’

Melodía | Diario de Viaje [Home Normal]

Melodía, the duo of Tomoyoshi Date and Federico Durand, further decorate the Home Normal label with the release of Diario de Viaje, something of an electroacoustic travelogue with 7 tracks recorded in hotel rooms, friend’s houses, fields, and various other places during a tour around Europe and Japan.

Information & ordering:

Featured track: ‘Un instante delicado’

Leonardo Rosado | Adrift [Oak Editions]

Adrift is a new full-length album of evocative, dusty, minimal ambient music by Leonardo Rosado released in December via Oak Editions.  Rosado says of the album “Adrift was composed trying to capture this set of emotions, images and barely coherent scripts to give a glimpse of my own journey through sensations. The use of sound to convey emotions is perhaps the common denominator in all my work and the search for a universal code language is what I mostly want to achieve.” . Available in digital formats as well as an attractive 100 cd-r limited edition.


Featured track: ‘Descent’

Free Dust | I: Population: Ashtray 

Free Dust is a new project from Matthew Sage who also records under his own name and curates the Patient Sounds label.  His 2014 release as M. Sage, A Singular Continent, was a Stationary Travels selection for the top ten electroacoustic ambient records of the year.  According to the Bandcamp page, Free Dust will see four works released this year, one each quarter, focused on ambient guitar. The first set, I: Population: Ashtray came out on January 1. Though the guitar sounds are heavily processed, the feel is very organic and placid. This is a mesmerizing collection of tracks that I highly recommend.


Featured track: ‘Williams & Stetson (Slow)’

V/A | Past Disappears [Dronarivm]

The wonderful Dronarivm label swooped in near the end of December with this compilation named Past Disappears featuring 17 tracks from an array of well respected artists including Aaron Martin, Porya Hatami, The Green Kingdom, Maps and Diagrams, Pleq , and Hakobune.  It is generously offered on a pay what you want basis (including free), so there is no reason to miss out on this fine collection.


Featured track: ‘Paynes Grey’

Upcoming Releases

 Steinbrüchel | Parallel Landscapes [12k]

This month will see the first release of Swiss artist Steinbrüchel on the vaunted 12k label.  One can expect the most finely crafted electroacoustic sounds, but this release goes beyond just the music.  In addtion to the compact disc, Parallel Landscapes will consist include a printed sixty page colour printed booklet with a laser stenciled wrap-around cover conceptualized and designed by the artist featuring photographs from Taylor Deupree and an essay by Lawrence English.  The label’s description of the forthcoming record is tantalizing:

“There’s an incredible amount of exploratory thought behind Parallel Landscapes that make this one of Steinbrüchel¹s most ambitious projects to date. His music has become increasingly refined but always retaining his signature sound. Still using the ideas of sine waves and pure tones but now softened with time, his palette stretches across electronics into a variety of found and acoustic sources. Bell tones are in the forefront, interspersed with the soft crackles of noise and static. Tones are stretched across the visual plane like a bell being carried across the land forever duplicating itself. Parallel Landscapes is engaging and reflective and sets a new standard in Steinbrüchel¹s creative output.”


Featured track: ’03’ 

 Fabio Orsi | Just For A Thrill [Home Normal]

Based in Napoli and specializing in atmospheric ambient drone, electronic musician Fabio Orsi will release his latest work, Just For a Thrill, on Home Normal at the end of the month (further evidence of a torridly creative period for the label).  The preview tracks are captivating and given that just three of them weigh in at over 30 minutes combined promises a generous and rewarding journey when the full release is available in digital formats and CD on January 30.

Featured: ‘2. Just For A Thrill’ 


Featured track: ‘2. Just For A Thrill’ 

 Linear Bells |  Insides [Assembly Field]

David Teboul follows hot on the heels of a prolific 2014 as Linear Bells and the curator of Soft Recordings with a new album due out this month on Assembly Field entitled Insides. There is a paucity of pre-release material available, but there is an beautiful preview track that can now be heard called ‘Greatest Tragedies’ which has a heavy cinematic, modern classical leaning and has me anxious to hear more.

Featured: ‘Greatest Tragedies’ 

More information:

 Bruno Sanfilippo |  Inside Life [ad21]

Bruno Sanfilippo will follow up his excellent 2014 release ClarOscuro with a new record called Inside Life which will be available in digital and on CD in February from his ad21 label.  No doubt we will hear more about the album from Bruno soon, but the first preview, ‘Tea Leaves at the Bottom of a Cup’ is certainly a lovely introduction that gives us much to look forward to.

Featured: ‘Tea Leaves at the Bottom of a Cup’ 

More information:

 M. Ostermeier |  Still [Tench]

March 2015 will see the first full length album from Baltimore, MD based artist M. Ostermeier in over four years called Still.  The record will be his third released on Tench.  Ostermeier describes his work as ” skeletal piano melodies that are augmented with electronics, guitar, and acoustic recordings” and that is exactly what we hear on the lovely preview track ‘Stasis’. Copies of the CD can now be pre-ordered from the label. 

Featured: ‘Stasis’ 


New Projects

Dust Breeding by Marcus Fischer

Dust Breeding is a creative project from ambient/minimal/experimental that artist Marcus Fischer is bringing back to life in 2015 and which is simply described as “a thing a day…maybe more”.  The original blog ran from January 2009 to January 2010.  The idea was for Fischer to “post an entry documenting one creative project a day and to use the year long project as a creative catalyst to improve my own artistic practices”.

Out of the original blog came a collection of pieces selected by M. Ostermeier, refined by Fischer, mastered by Taylor Deupree, and released as a full length album on the Tench label with the title Collected Dust (

Having not followed the blog in its original form, I am enjoying now going back and perusing the entries and listening to this excellent recording. I intend to correct my error by following the new blog as it unfolds. You can follow as well at

Listen to ‘Cold Days’ from Collected Dust (2011): 

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