SineRider – Lifecycles [Sun Sea Sky Productions]


SineRider is the ambient & electronic music project of New England based musician Devin Powers.  While Lifecycles, his debut on the Sun Sea Sky label, was my first exposure to his music, it appears he has been quite productive over the past 5 years recording self-produced releases as well as teaming up with other stateside musicians as part of Lakewaves (with Graham Marlowe) and introspector (with Brian Stegmann).

Just a few bars into ‘Exposure’, the opening track, it becomes clear that SineRider’s style is a nice fit for the label. The warm and lucid keys, crisp percussion layers, and bright melodies sit well beside label-mates such as Northcape and Melorman.

Time flies by listening to this EP thanks to a nice variety of pacing and tone – from the playful syncopation of ‘Span’ to the dreamy downtempo beats  of ‘Meridian End’ to the glistening drone  of ‘Tiny Grass Is Dreaming’. The music throughout glows with an organic energy that occasionally reminds one of Tycho, especially on the closing tracks, the effervescent ‘Primes’ and the shimmering ‘Cyclical’.

All in all, Lifecycles is a flavorful confection of melodic electronica that radiates warmth and positive vibes. The label hints that the EP is a precursor to a full length release and that is something worth looking forward to on the strength of this recording.

Soundcloud links: SineRiderLakewavesintrospecter

Featured track: ‘Primes’

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