Stationary Travels – The Ocean Inside

‘The Ocean Inside’ is a special new guest mix made exclusively for Headphone Commute. Just click on ‘View Original’ below to read about it and find a nice variety of listening options. The Stationary Travels Mixcloud home page has also been updated with an embedded version. Just choose “Cloudcasts” from the “Listen” menu above.

Headphone Commute

Stationary Travels - The Ocean Inside

We’ve gotanother special mix for you today, one which I’m sure you will all enjoy.The Ocean Inside is prepared courtesy ofBrian Housman, who has been a regular Headphone Commute contributor since 2014. On this exclusive mix, Brian focuses on some of the most recent and amazing music coming out of Iran:

Stationary Travels started about two years ago as a journey of musical discovery (thanks in no small part to Headphone Commute, by the way). One of the first revelations I encountered was a very vibrant electronic music scene coming out of Iran. Those who have been paying attention know it encompasses much more than just ambient and modern classical, but these are the styles that have resonated the most with me personally. This mix exclusively features artists from that scene I have been listening to recently. I find each of these tracks to be captivating and…

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