Everyday Dust – Multā Nocte / Combinatio Nova [Sparkwood Records]


Everyday Dust is an enigmatic experimental composer, a wizard who prefers to remain behind a curtain of anonymity while creating rich and highly evocative soundscapes constructed from organ parts, tape saturated textures, field recordings, drones and transformed acoustic instruments. From whence does this music come from? The Principality of Dustland, a world the rest of us can only know through sound and imagination.

Having spent time with the latest offering on Sparkwood Records – the dual albums Multā Nocte and Combinatio Nova – the picture of this world in my mind is something like a surreal steam-punk dream from the mind of Jules Verne or H.G. Wells – a place of dense fog, flickering gas lights, ticking clocks, chiming bells, and turning gears beyond which lie vast and mysterious landscapes to be explored.

On Multā Nocte, songs like ‘Nocternion’, ‘The Stonemason’s Vigil’, and the stunning ‘Chapter House’ are classic Everyday Dust – cavernous drones inhabited by intricate clockworks and clanging machinery coated in soot and, yes, dust. Collaborators on the other tracks are Western Skies Motel (‘Desert Fog’), Oberlin (‘Beacon Blues’), and label mates Above, Convenience Store! (‘Nevermore’), each adding their own hues and tones to the Everyday Dust motif.

‘Chapter House’ from Multā Nocte:

Combinatio Nova also contains seven tracks, but each is a remix of a song that appeared on the first two Everyday Dust albums, Somnium and The Principality of Dustland.  John Lemke (‘Mantra’), Tafanda (‘Bound in a Nutshell’), and Panama Fleets (‘Somnium’) bring fresh energy and an infections dub aesthetic to their interpretations while The Elephant Frame opts for a muted and melancholic take on ‘Bound in a Nutshell’. By way of contrast, Zenjungle’s saxophone escalates ‘Pipes’ into a wall of sound and Drust IV lends an appealing acoustic, spaghetti western flavor to the intricate ‘Ticking Heart’.

‘Mantra (John Lemke Remix)’ from Combinatio Nova

‘Pipes (Zenjungle Remix)’ from Combinatio Nova

Each album can be purchased separately in digital format or as a single package on 2 CDs. Whichever of these combinations works for you, I highly recommend a visit to the whimsical and wonderful world of Dustland.

Sparkwood Records Bandcamphttps://sparkwoodrecords.bandcamp.com/music

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