Stefano Guzzetti – Ensemble [Stella Recordings]

The latest full length album by composer, producer, & sound designer Stefano Guzzetti marks the launch of his new personal imprint, Stella Recordings, and captures music from his previous solo albums, compilation singles, and soundtracks in the setting he prefers to perform live – a four piece ensemble. The group consists of Guzzetti himself on piano and electronics along with Simone Soro on violin, Giulia Dessy on viola, and Gianluca Pischedda on cello.

Ensemble is the studio counterpart to our live set. In response to repeated requests from audience members for a CD we decided to make a straight forward and true recording of our material: no overdubs, the same arrangements, just the four of us playing our parts. Consider it a sort of virtual concert, or a simple memory of what you’ve experienced. – Stefano Guzzetti


The Stefano Guzzetti Ensmble

This is a sumptuous recording of generous length that comes beautifully packaged as well. It is easy to see why audiences were so receptive to this format. The ensemble adds a welcome expansiveness to Guzzetti’s lovely compositions while retaining a warm intimacy and elegance thanks to their impeccable musicianship and telepathic understanding.

“Scusa”, which opens the album, instantly spellbinds with its wistful beauty and introduces a lavish collection comprised of sixteen pieces, some of which are reflective and melancholic while others are vivacious, even cinematic. Each listener will no doubt have their own favorites, but tracks I particularly enjoyed included ‘Feather’, where the unison of the strings is simply sublime, along with the back-to-back renditions of “Harvest” and “Pluvieux” from Guzzetti’s Piano Book (Volume One)  given added color an life by the full ensemble. As a bonus track, the album includes the ensemble’s respectful and moving interpretation of “Nana” by the distinguished Spanish composer Manuel de Falla (1876-1946).

Ensemble comes in a glass master CD with two postcards, a six page booklet, a download code, and additional contents (digital booklet, more photographs by Fiorella Sanna, and the scores to four tracks). Everything is inside a hammered ivory cardboard which is bound and sealed in original Japanese vinyl-replica-cd pvc bags, each one being hand numbered. Note: Limited to 250 copies which will be in short supply by the time his is published. 



Listen to ‘Scusa’