Sound Impression: Lunae Lumen – The Words Unsaid

Lunae Lumen is the solo project of pianist Martha Otero based in Zacatecas, Mexico. Her first EP, The Words Unsaid, marks a lovely beginning, if not a deeply personal one.

The Words Unsaid is for me a way to close a chapter. I made the songs in different moments of my life and they all contain different emotions that together talk about a road I went through that now I’m leaving behind in order to move on. – Martha Otero

The music is quietly reflective and sweetly melancholic.  It is all anchored in minimally elegant piano lines adorned by viola contributed by Johannes Nonn from the postrock project TrucitatE, most notably on the effusive ‘Abismos de Océanos y Firmamento’, as well as Otero’s own delicate vocals which briefly appear on ‘The Places You Will Never See’. Other deft touches round out this delightful EP which makes perfect accompaniment for long stares out the window on a peaceful afternoon.


Listen to ‘The Places You Will Never See’