Sound Impression: Ten – Hitherto [Twice Removed]

Hitherto is an ear-catching two track EP by Ten, an instrumental music project by Leeds-based artist Dominic Deane that mixes ambient, instrumental and electronic sounds. It also catches the eye in that it has been released by Twice Removed Records in a rare 5-inch format produced by Lathe Cuts, which means each one is a unique handmade artifact.

The two tracks have quite contrasting styles, but both have been mixed and mastered to have a wonderful crisp and vivid sound. ‘Time’ features a reverb-drenched shoegaze guitar subverted into an pensive drone with a violin emoting in the background and the drag & shuffle of brushes almost subliminally keeping the time while providing texture. ‘Now’ revolves around mechanized sounds and a tintinnabulating glockenspiel giving it a sort of art-house cinematic feel – one could easily imagine a surreal dream sequence with an empty roomful of toys coming to life to these slightly off-kilter clockworks.

Hitherto may be short, but it is a very interesting listen and the format may be of special interest to vinyl collectors. See the Twice Removed Bandcamp page (link below) for more information.


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