Having started Stationary Travels well along in my own life, Abul Mogard is something of a musical hero to me. He did not even begin his musical career until after retiring from working in a metal factory in Belgrade, Serbia. He had no formal music education, yet he took the drone ambient world by quiet storm with his stunning and distinctive sound crafted from vintage Farfisa organs and modular synthesizers as a way of recreating the industrial sounds that surrounded him for many years. Even better news – it seems he is just getting started. With his fourth full length album, Circular Forms, Mogard forges ahead artistically drawing on new sources of inspiration.

Lately I have been reading and appreciating visual art and paintings and this has informed my work on this album. Compared to my previous albums, this was the first time that I had a clear visual representation of my music, as geometrical forms – each element of a track suggested a form that intertwined with the other elements. – Abul Mogard

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