Siavash Amini returns to the Futuresequence label with Subsiding, his sixth full length album and the third in a triptych of recent densely layered works, a stunning opus that incorporates some of the most distinctive elements of each of its predecessors while incrementally refining and evolving his sound. We have reached the point where we can no longer be surprised by the scope,  depth, or power of Amini’s sonic creations. We can only savor the joy of hearing each new oeuvre for the first time.

Among the five exquisite tracks that comprise Subsiding, we hear the oceanic stillness and frozen melancholy of Till Human Voices Wake Us  (Umor Rex) and the tempestuous, modern classical infused drones of What Wind Whispered to the Trees (Futuresequnce) and even a bit of the frosty and shimmering guitar lines of Chamomile Vol.01 (Oído).

“His most full and detailed sound to date illustrates Amini’s ability to bring together modern classical composition with that of controlled noise, granular synthesis, and atmospheric soundscape. Both monolithic and micro sound sculptures coexist within a perfect balance, a mix which makes for an all encompassing listen across the audio spectrum, funereal yet uplifting”. – Futuresequence

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