Sound Impression: Stijn Hüwels – Six Pieces For Guitar [mAtter]


Stijn Hüwels is a sound and recording artist based in Belgium whose work with processed guitar, loops, and field recordings reflects his “profound fascination with minimalism”. Most recently featured here on the blog in his role as the new custodian of the Slaapwel Records label, he is releasing new solo work of his own through Japanese label mAtter in the form of Six Pieces For Guitar with the option of a companion 2-track EP.

Hüwels minimalist aesthetic extends to the track titles, or lack thereof. What we have here is exactly what it says on the tin – six untitled pieces constructed from music generated by the guitar processed, looped, and refined into finespun drones floating amidst warm fields of textured sound. There is a purity of intent that comes across in the sound and which requires little to be said, only a listening ear willing to lulled into its mesmerizing web.

The album is offered on CD but may optionally be purchased with a companion EP that comes on 7″ vinyl with a four-minute track on each side, the nostalgia-tinted “We Were an Island’ and the delicately shimmering “Osmanthus Fragrans”, both lovely and quite complementary to the album. Now if you will excuse me, I am just going to quietly linger here for a while…

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Trailer and samples: