VIDEO PREMIERE: “Halflife” by Grasscut

As a captivating amalgam of electronica, folk, pop, and cinematic elements, the evocative and “densely referential” Everyone Was A Bird by Grasscut is a brilliant album. But the duo of Andrew Phillips and Marcus O’Dair never intended to release it simply as a collection of songs. Rather they have dug deep into into its rich creative loam and the sense of place at its core to create a series of extended experiences. Part of that vision included the commissioning a series of landscape-based films from director Roger Hyams and photographer Pedr Browne to accompany each track on the album. Today, Stationary Travels is proud to premiere the final video release, “Halflife” directed by Hyams.

“Halflife was the last film we shot for Everyone Was A Bird, and was made by director Roger Hyams, who also made the film for The Field. We filmed it in 2 days in mid Wales around the Trawsfynydd nuclear power station, and also in the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex. It’s a song about decay, and the presences and stories that are buried in, and emerge from the landscape. Making these films has been a wonderful journey, and we hope everyone enjoys them as much as we did making them.” –  Andrew Phillips

Another part of the extended album experience is truly interactive as it invites listeners to join the many voices represented in the music with their own expressions about landscapes and places that are meaningful to them:

Grasscut’s music has always been deeply rooted in a sense of place, expressed through Phillips’ vocals and also a host of other voices past and present, sampled and live: WG Sebald, Hilaire Belloc, Ezra Pound, Robert Wyatt, James Mason, TS Eliot, Gazelle Twin, Philip Larkin, Kathleen Ferrier. Everyone Was A Bird again features many voices: Phillips is joined not only by Crowley and Nygård but also Hilaire Belloc, Sir Basil Spence and Siegfried Sassoon. Other voices are welcomed too: fans are invited to record their reflections on a landscape or place that is resonant for them, a selection of which will feature on a new Grasscut track. Those wishing to participate can simply leave a message on +44 7931 877331 or send an audio recording to

If you are not already familiar with the album, please see the information below to learn more and obtain a copy (I especially recommend a read of the copious and eloquent liner notes written by travel author Robert Macfarlane).

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Liner notes by Robert Macfarlane!liner-notes/c21cl

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