Sound Impression: Lorenzo Masotto – Rule and Case [Preserved Sound]

New to the roster of Preserved Sound is Lorenzo Masotto, an Italian pianist and composer with a diverse musical background that includes graduating from Conservatorio di Verona, studying composition and jazz, and playing in a prog/post rock band (La Maschere di Clara). While his new album on the label, Rule and Case, predominantly traverses modern classical territory, the jazz and rock motifs in Masotto’s repertoire are boldly incorporated to create a delightfully variegated and vivacious record.

Searching for equilibrium between classical harmony and the sound of modern music, Rule and Case is a sequence of chords and effects that arrives at the counterpoint between tonal precision and “atonal” freedom – between acoustic instruments and electronics, between the past and present. “Every piece I write comes from a particular moment of my life, an emotion, a meeting, a walk, a picture or a photo that I’ve seen,” says Lorenzo – Preserved Sound

The album’s pure chamber pieces (“Kepler 452 b”, “Polyphonic Dreams”, “Photos”, “Branchie”) are elegant and effusive while the ones that graft in jazz, rock, and electronic are captivating and bold (“Purple Lake”, “Chrono”, “Parkour”, “Rainbow”).  The vintage cinematic style of “Orient Express” is a lovely surprise that adds yet another facet. Also noteworthy are the impeccable performances of the musicians and the clarity of the recording. Every note is crisp and resonant from start to finish. Simply put, Rule and Case is a very enjoyable and vibrant album and a great addition to the Preserved Sound family.



“Senhal” – official video, animation by Stefano Buro