Sound Impression: Jason Van Wyk – Attachment [Eilean]

The landscape of Eilean Rec. may be imaginary, but the music that inhabits it is very real. There are many intriguing forms of beauty here, but perhaps none so direct in the approach to delicate modern classical ambient constructions as its newest release, a oneiric gem by Jason Van Wyk called Attachment. This is the second solo record by the South African composer, who resides in Cape Town, and his first on the enigmatic label.

Those who appreciate the tender piano compositions and discrete application of electronics that characterize much of Nils Frahm‘s work will especially appreciate this recording. Attachment is replete with simple, unabashed beauty albeit with sophisticated underpinnings – bittersweet tunes rendered on dampened piano interwoven with soft melancholic drones and a variety of sonic ephemera in the form of incidental sounds and field recordings.  This inviting little corner of Eilean is one you will not want to leave once you discover it.

Attachment features guest musicians Brittany DilkesGavin Clayton on violin and Lynne Donson on cello. The album was mastered by fellow composer/musician and Home Normal label boss Ian Hawgood whose touch is always impeccable. Limited edition CD and digital copies can be ordered directly from Eilean Rec. Unfortunately, at this writing physical editions are reportedly sold out, but the album can still be obtained in digital form.


Listen to an album sampler:

“Unsaid” (official video)