Sound Impression: yndi halda – Under Summer

YndiHalda_UnderSummer There are times when ignorance may be bliss and silence may be a virtue, but not so much when it comes to the music of yndi halda. The band’s name is taken from an old Norse phrase meaning “enjoy eternal bliss” and in that form became the eponymous title to their debut record released in 2007.  Though it was very well received, the band went into a nearly decade long silence which has finally ended with the release of Under Summer.  As a relative newcomer to the world of post rock, I was unaware of the long wait.  But the bliss was not in my ignorance; it was in the discovery of this beautiful, expansive, and timeless music.

The album offers four songs ranging from ten to eighteen minutes long, each one like a river with the unseen impetus of a gentle current below the surface and pastoral ever-changing beauty above. There may be a meticulous construction behind each piece, but the mellifluous and meandering flow feels utterly organic. Their sound is an intoxicating amalgam of bucolic folk and drowsy vocals with modern classical swells and effusive and exhilarating crescendos which bloom rather than explode. Whether it came about by choice or a sort of artistic osmosis, I think I hear eclectic elements of the progressive Canterbury Scene which flourished in the same part of England during the 60s & 70s.  It is a heady mix to be sure, but a captivating one and a place where the listener can linger and enjoy the bliss.


  1. Together Those Leaves
  2. Golden Threads From the Sun
  3. Helena
  4. This Very Flight

Under Summer is being released on vinyl, CD, and digital. Physical copies are available  in the UK from Big Scary Monsters or in the USA from Burnt Toast Vinyl (check your local record store as well) and downloads may be obtained from major digital music outlets such as iTunes.

Listen to “Together Those Leaves”

Order (UK):

Order (USA):

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