Sound Impression: Cold, Cold Heart – How the Other Half Live and Die [Fluttery]

Cold, Cold Heart is the trio of Robert Manning, Chris Daniel and Gareth Jones, three friends who gathered in a spare bedroom in London a couple of years to experiment with the creation of instrumental music and ended up producing something quite special which sees its full-length debut in the form of How the Other Half Live and Die now out on Fluttery Records.

Robert, Chris and Adrian assembled in early 2014 out of friendship and a shared admiration for bands such as Stars of the Lid, Low and Sparklehorse. What started as a simple coming together to craft percussionless compositions in a spare bedroom turned into something more focused after recognition for their first release, ‘Stand/still’.

This is a band that lets their most beloved influences show on their musical sleeves and that is a good thing – a very good thing. In these seven affecting tracks we can hear the soaring e-bow arcs and tender arpeggios of Explosions in the Sky, the brooding melodicism of Mogwai, and the lyrical piano/violin narratives of Rachel’s to name a few. When these are employed at the same time and in perfect balance, as they are on the penultimate track ‘Mountain’, it is strikingly beautiful.

Another aspect that elevates the album into a compelling listening experience is the band’s assured self-restraint which ensures the elegiac mood which envelops the music is never spoiled. Each crescendo provides gentle catharsis, but never breaks the subtle tension that propels the album from start to finish. Forget the fact that this is a debut. It is simply good and we can only hope it is just the beginning.

How the Other Half Live and Die is available from Fluttery Records in digital and/or CD.


Cold-Cold-Heart-4Listen: “Mountain”

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