Sound Impression: Tetherdown – First Flight

The speed and ease with which artists can collaborate remotely these days has enabled some wonderful projects that might not otherwise have been possible, but the magic of the mutual creative spark does seem to be less elusive and more generous when artists can interact and co-create in the same place at the same time. Proof positive is a wonderful new release by Tetherdown, the trio of Mark Beazley (Rothko), Anne Garner, and James Murraywho came together last summer in Murray’s studio for a special session that yielded their debut release, First Flight.

“Mark Beazley, Anne Garner and James Murray gathered at Slowcraft Studio in August 2015 without preparation or expectation. First Flight emerged unforcedly in a single sitting and is presented here exactly as played without edits or overdubs as Tetherdown’s debut recording.”

The results of this happy experiment are nothing short of impressive. Beazley’s ponderous bass tones map out the spaces and Murray’s processed guitars fill them with atmosphere and texture providing a canvas on which Garner can paint in soft colors of piano, flute, & voice or just step back and let the eddying ambient layers breathe and whirl. The music remains delicately poised between the brooding and the bucolic, propelled aloft by quiet engines of inspiration and creativity. All in all, it makes for an immersive and very rewarding journey. The maiden voyage is complete and, hopefully, there will be many more to come.


First Flight is available in a handsome handmade CD package or as a digitial download from either Slowcraft Records (run by Murray) or Trace Recordings (run by Beazley).

Order:   Slowcraft Records Bandcamp  |  Trace Recordings Shop

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