Sound Impression: Olli Aarni – Muovia [Preservation]

Having laid us low last summer with the sumptuously textured melancholic bliss of the crepuscular masterpiece puu tuulessa, Finnish ambient composer Olli Aarni lets the light in on his latest album, a cassette release on Sydney, Australia’s Preservation label entitled Muovia. The new album is comparatively more playful & experimental and somewhat geometric in form in keeping with the modern abstract typography design by Mark Gowing featured on the cover

“On Muovia (Finnish for ‘plastic’), Arni creates a kind of artificial pastoralism, a knowing replication taking inspiration from old New Age music tapes found in flea markets…”

The album consists of two mesmerizing long form tracks,. “Kirkas vesi” ( ‘clear water’), which manages to evoke the image of a shimmering, translucent water works in perpetual motion, and “Tyhjä tie” (’empty road’) sounds something like a steampunk music box heard through a dream with ethereal harp-like tones emanating from its rhythmically whirring & gasping clockworks. Simply put, Muovia is a spellbinding sonic delight.