Song Premiere: Come In (Christoph Berg Remix) from Be Life Relived by Anne Garner

Be Life Relived - Anne Garner - Cover (Large)

The best songs live on not only in the way they are experienced by the listener but in the way they engender new possibilities and interpretations from the seeds of their inspiration. Such is the case with Anne Garner‘s beguiling fourth album Be Life released last year. As it turns out, the songs had more to give, much more, and a fine assemblage of musicians and producers have been to explore to re-imagine them on a splendid follow-up record entitled Be Life Relived.

Knowing these songs had more stories to tell we invited some of our favorite producers to rework and reinterpret, providing fresh and illuminating perspectives on Anne’s heartfelt material..

Listen here to an exclusive premiere of the opening track, a tender interpretation of “Come In” by Christoph Berg (aka Field Rotation) that adds depth and breadth to the fragile yearning expressed in its lyrics.

If Be Life is a collection of lullabies, then Be Life Relived is its nocturnal counterpart that lives in the dream-like world unfurled by the ensuing slumber.  Garner’s radiantly sonorous voice in all its ethereal purity remains our constant as we drift through a kaleidoscope of lush, hypnagogic landscapes sidereal and surreal. In addition to Berg, the other contributions come from include Louis, Mute Forest, High Skies, James Murray, Dean Honer, Lost Vocals, Adrian Carter, and Tom Adams, each one just as gorgeous and immersive as the next. Whether revisiting the original songs again in their resplendent new finery or hearing them for the first time, this is an exceptionally lovely collection to enjoy.

Be Life Relived is being co-released by the UK-based Slowcraft Records and German label Unperceived Records and will be available starting on June 10.

Info/Ordering:   Anne Garner   |  Slowcraft Records |  Unperceived Records



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