Sound Impression: Adzuki – Radio Sea [Shimmering Moods]


Radio Sea is an entrancing new electroacoustic ambient excursion from Tokyo-based musician Kadzuki Ikegaya under the moniker Adzuki, a collection of ten exquisitely constructed tracks that serve as a tranquil meditation on the sea both literal and metaphorical.

“The noise which comes from the radio sometimes sounds like the sound of the sea”

The concept is beautifully encapsulated in the opening trilogy of tracks as “Tuning” creates a serene ocean of static which gradually recedes as “88.9MHz” dials in to the sounds of the tide washing ashore eventually immersing us in the paradisaic “Is this a dream or reality”.  From this sequestered perspective we are treated to a series of minimalist textural sound studies in water and light such as the shimmering “Glass Float” or the overcast ruminations of “Dark Sea”. You will likely find that once your inner dials are tuned in to Radio Sea, you will want to linger in the special place that it creates.

Radio Sea is offered by Shimmering Moods Records as a limited edition CD with handmade covers (65 numbered copies) as well as a digital download.



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