Sound Impression: kj – wake [Own Records]

New York based musician, producer, and filmmaker KJ Rothweiler makes his album debut on Own Records with wake, a beautifully conceived and sumptuously textured seven song opus that should really hit the sweet spot for anyone who enjoys contemplative ambient music enriched by minimalist expressionism and cinematic depth.

As a filmmaker kj is inspired by the way soundtracks shape narrative from a place beyond language. wake takes a cinematic approach to the people and places that live on the outskirts of memory. This is music from nowhere that can follow you anywhere. – Own Records

Rothweiler demonstrates remarkable refinement, restraint, and versatility on his first foray into the genre offering up haunting, crepuscular drones (“foam”, “sail”),  swelling synths (“blue”), filmic interludes (“noville”), shimmering oscillations (“sylph”),  granular electroacoustic meditations (“wake”), and an ethereal final coda (“beyond”).  Every piece has a distinctive character yet fits neatly into a the album’s hypnagogic motif and overall mood.

wake was mastered by Taylor Deupree and is available in a very limited lathe cut vinyl edition (only 38 copies) or as a digital download from Bandcamp.

Order:  Limited lathe cut vinyl edition  |  Bandcamp (digital)

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