Offthesky – Silent Went the Sea [Eilean Rec.]

Offthesky - Silent Went The Sea - EILEAN_38-OFFTHESKY-COVER

Originally from Kentucky and currently based in Denver, Jason Corder has made an indelible mark in the realm of electroacoustic & experimental ambient music under a variety of monikers with the best known and most prolific being offthesky. With silent went the sea, he joins the luminous constellation of artists that have contributed to the Eilean Rec. project with an exceptionally nuanced and evocative record that explores a special kind of stillness that can only be experienced on shoreline.

The concept for the album title stems from that rare moment on the beach when all of the waves cease and there is a loud lull of silence before waves start crashing again.

But it must be said that silent went the sea is not a placid new age beach fantasy, but rather a musical distillation of a much more visceral experience of standing before a mighty force gone momentarily quiet. There is beauty and wonderment here, but also a sense of mystery and foreboding in its brooding opacity, a respect for the immense latent power of a vast ocean hiding invisible engines of movement and shadowy behemoths in the darkness of its fathomless depths.

Among these eight carefully constructed soundscapes Corder integrates the violins of Anna Hess, & Julie Slater, the cellos of Maggie Thompson, Danny Norbury, & Jiah Shin, the voice of Shilpi Gupta, and the atmospheric percussion of Brian Archinal (water instrument / vibes / bowed crotales) which all serve to enhance the remarkably rich and organic feel of the record to create something truly immersive and completely transportive.

silent went the sea features stunning cover art by Lunakhods and is due for limited edition release on July 7 on CD with an accompanying DVD that contains a video filmed for each of the eight tracks and a bonus digital EP. The pre-orders sold out within hours, but there is always the chance a few more might become available and digital copies can always be ordered.

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