Sound Impression: øjeRum – Væv [Eilean Rec.]

++jeRum - V+ªv - EILEAN_54-+ÿjeRUM-COVER

A glistening gossamer web spun from reminiscence and longing. The warp and weft of memory woven into a translucent sonic tapestry. A collage of frozen time and faded beauty. All of these are suggested by both the title and music of Væv, the latest work of Copenhagen-based musician and collage artist Paw Grabowski under the moniker of øjeRum (the word væv, rooted in Old Norse, can be translated as tissue, loom, web,  or weave).

The album is among the last of the summer series of releases by Eilean Rec. which has already seen such gems as Silent Went the Sea by Offthesky and Antiheart by Speck. The aesthetic of the collage artist is very much in evidence here. Væv is more composed of fragments and distillations of mood than melodic or narrative structures. But, as on would expect from a fine collage, the remnants of many things unify to form something new & compelling and in this case, quite beautiful. The pervading mood is wistful and forlorn, but the copious use of acoustic guitar lends the music a sylvan warmth and the soft glow of dappled light as it turns in the slowly whirring clockworks of memory. This a fitting conclusion to a wonderful summer of music while opening the door to what Eilean has in store for us this autumn.

Væv will be released August 8 by Eilean in a limited run on CD. A word to the wise: Pre-orders will begin on August 1 and, if recent experience is any indication, it will be sold out well before the release date.


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