Sound Impression: Light of Woods – Field Notes [Other Songs Music]

Featuring tacks originally composed for a pair of documentary films, Field Notes is the debut by Light of Woods, a solo project of Raleigh, North Carolina based multi-instrumentalist M. Grig.  Describing the album as “Americana in a minimalist vein”, Grig combines dobro, lap steel, pedal steel, electric & acoustic guitars and piano with dense layering techniques and textural loops to create a rustic idyll framed by a cinematic eye.

The songs are short, more like instrumental sketches and scenes, but their brevity takes nothing away from their power to charm and evoke. The guitars are warm and resonant and the ambient layers rich & refined with each piece having its own compact and distinctive narrative. A particular highlight is the dreamily melancholic ‘Foxes’ which reminded me a bit of the Arcadian aural webs spun by July Skies on their classic album Dreaming of Spires. A listen to Field Notes comes as close to a healing jaunt to the countryside as one can get without leaving the house.

The album is available digitally via Other Songs Music. For more information about the films (“The Bladesmiths” and “Two Rivers”) visit the High Plains Films web site