Sound impression: Hakobune – Moraine [Adhesive Sounds]

Hakobune, aka Takahiro Yorifuji, uses layers of guitar to create his sonic landscapes. Originally from a small town in the Hyōgo Prefecture and now based in Tokyo, his immaculate drones are characterized by their wonderful sense of simplicity, harmony and balance – light and dark, coolness and warmth, opacity and translucency, introspection and extrospection. For a prime example of his more intimate work, seek out the gorgeous Seamless and Here on Patient Sounds, but his most recent release entitled Moraine turns outward for inspiration and matches the theme with some of his most expansive music yet.

Moraines are accumulations of soil and rock that travel on the surface of glaciers and are left behind when they melt and recede. They are dramatic and sometimes desolate vistas. To convey this Yorifuji brings immense depth and expansiveness to the two stunning movements that constitute the EP, the first featuring a vocal layer reminding the listener that there hidden forces at work in the movement and shaping of these glacial landforms while the second surveys their vast and imposing surroundings giving a sense of stillness and rugged beauty.  It is an immersive and completely transportive work.

Moraine is available from Adhesive Sounds as a digital download or a limited edition cassette (250 copies).  Downloads can also be obtained directly from the artist.

OrderAdhesive Sounds (digital & cassette)  |  Hakobune (digital only)

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